SEGA Jet Set Radio Graffiti Denim Jacket

Only the cool skater kids wear this jacket with Jet Set Radio across the chest and graffiti graphics on the back.


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Nearly 20 years ago, a skater named Beat emerged on the streets of Tokyo trying to showcase his grafitti artwork. This mid-wash denim jacket does just that - celebrates Beat and his graffiti! Made of 99% ringspun cotton and 1% spandex, this unisex jacket is a cool piece of apparel. It features metal buttons on the front and two chest pockets with matching button flap closure. The Jet Set Radio logo can be found above the pocket on the left chest. The back of the jacket features a lot of graffiti, including a gaming console and the game's title. If you want the waist to be more cinched, there is an extra button snap on the back side of the jacket as well. This will help give you a slimmer fit on the waist if desired.