Colorless Motion Knuckles Phone Case

Colorless Motion Knuckles Phone Case

Knuckles at the tip of your fingers with the latest specialty made phone case.


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This phone case features a close-up of Knuckles in a retro black and white sketch. The ultra-thin, firm outer shell fully covers the back and sides of your phone while giving you complete access to all ports and functions. With both phones in popular demand, this case is made-to-order for iPhone and Galaxy phones (use the Select Phone drop down to choose the specific device). The iPhone 5/5S and 6 cases do have a thin, padded silicone sleeve that sits between the phone and the case, giving your phone an extra level of protection. Note: All cases are made to order so there are slight color variations. Additionally, the exact placement of the artwork may not match precisely to the image shown, making each case unique.