SEGA Shop Pin of the Month: Nights into Dreams Pin

SEGA Shop Pin of the Month: Nights into Dreams Pin

The seventh pin in our exclusive Pin of the Month collection comes from NiGHTS into Dreams! It features the guide NiGHTS, who helps Claire Sinclair and Elliot Edwards stop Wizemen the Wicked from controlling Nightopia, and the real world.


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Introducing the exclusive SEGA Shop Pin of the Month, where we release a new pin on the last Tuesday of each month. Plus, if you collect at least six pins through the year, you'll receive a special limited-edition pin as a special bonus!

The seventh pin in the line is based on the 1996 SEGA Saturn game NiGHTS into Dreams and features the guide NiGHTS, surrounded by five dream energy Ideyas. This exclusive pin measures 1.25" tall and comes on a backer card.