Sonic Time to Fly! Retro Tails Black Tee

Sonic Time to Fly! Retro Tails Black Tee

Tails is taking off for another adventure! Get this graphic black tee because it's time to fly with your favorite two-tailed fox! Along the way, pick up Sonic and then it's time to battle Chaos. It's sure to be a battle to remember with this commemorate retro tee.


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It is time for Tails to go off on another adventure! Just make sure to grab this graphic tee for the quest of a lifetime that includes picking up Sonic along the way and battling Chaos. Made from 100% cotton and printed in Michigan, USA, this unisex tee features a retro image of your favorite fox taking off for flight. With a black background, this piece will go with any outfit. It's time to fly has never been truer!