Sonic Time to Fly! Retro Tails Black T-Shirt

Sonic Time to Fly! Retro Tails Black T-Shirt

Tails is taking off for another adventure! Get this graphic black tee because it's time to fly with your favorite two-tailed fox! Along the way, pick up Sonic and then it's time to battle Chaos. It's sure to be a battle to remember with this commemorate retro tee.


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It is time for Tails to go off on another adventure! Just make sure to grab this graphic tee for the quest of a lifetime that includes picking up Sonic along the way and battling Chaos. Made from 100% cotton and printed in Michigan, USA, this unisex tee features a retro image of your favorite fox taking off for flight. With a black background, this piece will go with any outfit. It's time to fly has never been truer!